5 Questions Agencies should ask Payroll Service Providers

Payroll service providers are companies that assist you in dealing with your payroll. In this busy world, you need to do many kinds of stuff at one time. Automating your tasks can save you time and money. Payroll service providers also help reduce taxes penalties from people’s payroll. Many organizations are opting for a provider nowadays. A small error is also not entertained in the money business.


A study shows about 74 million people are paid on an hourly basis in the U.S. . There is a presence of many payroll service providers currently in the market. The right provider is subjective to company size and structure. You’ll get the right direction, guidance, and expertise to reduce risks. You can save costs and focus on your main business by getting a provider.


Now, ask these questions when employing a new payroll service:


  1. What is the cost of your payroll service?


The cost of a product or service is an important aspect. This is true in the case of payroll services too. Calculate how much you can invest in a system for payrolls. Learn how much you can invest in your business. Payroll service usually comes with an employee or two. And the cost adds up with the number of employees.


Mention your previous service’s cost when dealing with a new one. Most providers charge on a monthly basis. The costs become higher with your company’s volume. If you’re a small company starting out, check out average rates online and compare. There are three common approaches:


  1. Per Employee Per Month
  2. Fixed Pricing
  3. Per Frequency


The rate of payment comes in the range of $20- $100. Discuss payroll delivery charges too.


2. Can you show me a sample?


The sample stub of a payroll provider should be concise and clear. The stub should separate all entities. A stub should show:


  • Employee name
  • Pay period and date
  • Hours worked
  • Gross pay
  • Deductions


Talk about data security and anonymity. Learn about the medium used to send payrolls. Mention your company’s size and the growth ratio it demands. You can also demand to see demonstrations and integrations before signing the deal. Find out if changes can be made after reporting the payroll. Processing delay is usually preferred in this case.


3. What services do you provide, and what are their types?


Payroll service providers have different options. It depends on your firm’s size and operations. Choose the option which is viable for your organization. Discuss organizational budget and plans with your team. Reach a decision and only take action about the system.


Payroll services are automated using the software. Ask questions about software’s efficiency and learning curve. Some providers give you the customizability of the application. Discuss security of user data and information online using the software.

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4. Will I need a customer service representative?


Small businesses have a lot to focus on. They have a less number of employees. The tasks are high in amount. Having a representative is helpful if you’re starting out. Most providers provide packages with a representative.


Negotiate with providers about the package. In the case of a larger company, the software system should be intuitive enough. You can outsource the position of representative or system admin. Also, request the consequences of wrong entries by the representatives. By having a representative, you and your employees can focus on other ‘important’ tasks.


5. How hard is it to start a partnership?


Your company might be in starting phase. Or you feel the need for a payroll service after some time. Inform the providers about the state that you are in. Mention the ideal time to handle your accounts.


Now, ask them their best approaches to joining your company. Learn about their previous approaches to other companies. Take a good amount of time learning the best approach for your partnership. Most agencies join payroll providers at the start of the year. Discuss the timeline with providers around financial activities in your office.


Choosing a payroll service provider can be hard. But, you can reap benefits when you choose the right one. Remember, you’ll still need to be attentive and check their policies. Conduct policies review and partnership meetings on a semi-annual/annual basis. Keeping a payroll service provider is beneficial in both the short and long term. Choose a good provider to optimize your accuracy and costs.

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