How To Get Jobs in the UK

The UK has the fifth largest economy with 3.32% of the total in the world. It also houses some of the best business hubs from all over the world. It would be safe to say that job opportunities in the UK are among the best in the world. The UK’s unemployment rate is around 3.7% as of September 2022 which is considerably low. However, there is fierce competition among graduate jobs but you can always secure one with the right skills and experience. 

how to get jobs in the uk
how to get jobs in the uk

The diversity of jobs in the UK is vast. It hosts good working conditions with several benefits and further opportunities to hone your skills. This is why the UK is among the best places to kick-start your career. 

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The dominant player in the employment industry in the UK would be the service sectors like banking, business and finance with construction, education, engineering, and healthcare, following right after. Usually, capable graduates are employed right after in these sectors which keeps them fresh and growing. Apart from these, you can simply apply for most jobs by sending out CVs and cover letters. Make sure your CV is at most two pages long and apply for jobs as early as possible. CVs are the most important aspect of any job application. Therefore, you need to make it as good as you can. You can also customize it as per the job specifications.

Similarly, networking is equally important. Always keep your options open. Expand your sources, be it family, friends or their friends, keep yourself informed about job opportunities they know. You can also reach out on social media like LinkedIn to grow your reach. Social media can be really helpful in today’s age. You can connect with people from any profession. Build your network and observe the job market. The idea is to know about jobs before they are advertised.

You can also find jobs on public sites like ‘FIND A JOB’, and EXPATICA. You can browse job vacancies available throughout the UK in person. Newspapers like The Guardian also display various job vacancies ranging from arts, marketing, government, housing, etc. You can also check out the company websites for the ones you are interested in.

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You can also create an online profile and put yourself out there so that others who need you can find you. This trend has been increasing recently and has gathered the attention of many people. You will need to specify the type of work you are good at by using proper words without hinting at ambiguities. Furthermore, freelancing or self-employment is also an option if it is sufficient to support yourself. 

If you are unaware of the job market and are struggling with it, recruitment agencies are a great option. A recruitment agency acts as a medium between an employer and an applicant. It helps companies to recruit people to fill up vacant positions. These agencies can also be your personal career advisor. They help you with cover letters, CV writing and general career tips. Most of these agencies focus on sectors like retail, childcare, and IT while others hire people for large companies. These agencies will also clarify the legal documents and necessary qualifications required to get the job you are looking for. Not to mention, the increased number of job opportunities you get with them.

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Getting a job is difficult. You need to make sure you are officially qualified and have enough experience for it. However, there are other aspects we tend to leave out while looking for a job. First, if you are a foreigner, you need to find out about the law requirements and visas. Generally, skilled manpower does not have much problem with it but since the laws are always changing, it is better to keep yourself informed. Also, find out about the taxes and social security number. 

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All in all, finding a job in the UK is not very difficult as it is always facing manpower shortages. But if you carefully consider all the above-mentioned points, you will not have hidden surprises to stand in your way.

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How to get jobs in the UK

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