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The UK is an economic powerhouse. It boasts thousands of companies from around the globe. Given the sheer number of people working in these companies, it is no wonder there are hundreds of applicants for job vacancies. It is one of the reasons why recruitment agencies are flourishing so well in the UK. These agencies help companies find suitable candidates to fill up vacant positions and they help applicants to find jobs in these companies. It creates a win-win situation for both parties. Here, we will be looking into some of the agencies in the UK.

agency near uk

Agency near UK/ agency near me

 1. Propel:

Propel is a London-based agency with a focus on digital business and the tech sector. It provides specialization in advertising, fintech, e-commerce, travel, retail and creative services. Propel greatly involves itself with the start-up space. You can join their talent pool by uploading your CV in case they don’t have vacancies. Start by browsing their website to check if there are any jobs available. They will contact you back when your skills and qualifications match any job description.

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 2. Silicon Milk Roundabout:

Silicon Milk Roundabout is a start-up agency that focuses on recruitment services for tech companies. They hold events twice a year to strengthen links between tech companies and the people working in that field. There you can directly interact with many team leaders, founders, managers, and other important people. They provide a notification service for upcoming events if you sign up on their website. Thus, they are useful for building up and expanding your career network.


 3. Deerfoot IT Resources:

Deerfoot is a well-established recruitment firm that focuses on assisting IT-based start-ups in the UK. They work together with a wide range of public institutions, global organizations, and SMEs. Their widespread networking offers you opportunities across all IT disciplines. You can fill out a short form and upload your CV to their website. Send out a cover letter to further establish your ground.

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 4. Huntress Group:

Huntress Group focuses on recruiting highly skilled professionals in office support, IT, accounting and finance. They have specialist recruiters with expert knowledge who are highly skilled in their respective markets. They have placed over 10,000 candidates in over 1500 different companies since 2000. This has helped Huntress Group to establish itself as a trustworthy recruitment agency among its customers.


 5. Nolan Recruitment:

Nolan Recruitment is one of the UK’s best recruitment agencies for Engineering and Technical recruitment. It has over 20 years of combined experience which allows it to easily recognize the problems clients usually face. They specialize in aviation, automotive, utilities, manufacturing, waste recycling and many others. You can manually register or simply upload your best CV on their website to get started. They also house an extensive list of engineering jobs where you can apply for job vacancies that you are interested in.

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Apart from these agencies, numerous others have been working continuously to hire suitable people for open job positions. These agencies have made it a lot easier for people in and around the UK to find the type of job they want while simultaneously filling in the vacant positions for big companies. 

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