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We Believe In The Power Of Human Connections

“Human Connection is an energy exchange between people who pay attention to one another it has the power to deepen the moments, inspire changes and build trust.”

Here at AESN, we provide a warm comforting feeling of being physically embraced- feeling heard, emotionally understood and supported by the whole team.  We understand the importance of human connections in maintaining the physical and emotional health.  

Compassion is key. We believe in contributing to our community and people involved. We provide a 24/7 helpline to communicate with our team regarding any issues may it be personal or professional.

We are here to help!

This is how AESN recruits Staff

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Are you a Mom, Child, Grandparent or Student? An Expert or a Novice? A Baker or a Cook? Or maybe all of the above? We are the new way to manage your professional career. Find a job that fits you


Health Care Assistant

Position Status: Open

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Registered Nurse

Position Status: Open

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Position Status: Open

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General Assistant - Gatwick

Position Status: Open

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Commis Chef

Position Status: Open

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Baker Assistant

Position Status: Open

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Chef de Partie

Position Status: Open


Pastry Chef de Partie

Position Status: Open

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