How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Job-finding can be hard. You might have the skills but may not find the right job. Employers may also want the right candidate for their team. Recruitment agencies come as a bridge between such employees and employers. You could have watched their ad. Recruitment agencies help match job vacancies to suitable candidates.

Recruitment agencies are the organizations that find and provide jobs to people. They work with companies and people for connecting them. Most of them charge a fee if they provide jobs to a person on a $x/month basis. They have the following features:

1. Technological resources
2. Approachability
3. Expertise in fields
4. Tracking and Integration

Recruitment agencies help beat the global labour shortage. But, you might wonder how recruitment agencies work?

An employee using recruitment agency POV

1. Applying and connecting

The first step is to find a good recruitment agency. You can ask your colleagues or friends too. One can also research them on the internet. Check if they provide your career path and how they can help you grow in your career. Put the time for the job in check.

You may need to pay a certain amount of money for agreeing to their terms. Make sure to check out their conditions. Some fake agencies have no plan to fall back on. And you can get stranded without a job paying the cost of an agency.

Recruitment Agency


2. Contact and matching

The people at the agency will then create your profile and forward it to recruiters. You should provide your CV/Resume in this step. The staff will gather as much information as possible. You’ll have better chances if you become as honest as possible. They should try to match you with the best-fitting company. You might get interviewed or called in this step. They’ll contact you if you managed to impress them.

Agency will reach with companies. They may also have a third party to provide and send suitable candidates for the job.

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3. Rapport building

The recruiters receive your documents here. They set up phone calls or interviews with you. Then, you may have to pass more tests. Now, your agency will have a certain deal with the employers. The hiring process can depend on companies and job structures.

Agencies generally take employees in groups to save time. They will cut a certain part of your income as a cost to the recruitment agency. You are then onboarded on the company. But, you can still deal with more than one recruiter. Now, you should stay in touch with your recruitment agency.

4. Upskilling

Recruiters hired you. You provide your value to earn experience and money. Now, you’ll need to learn more skills. Most recruitment agencies provide upskilling programs for their clients. It helps you to expand your services and transition. Thus, it is necessary for both recruiters and agencies. Why?:

    •  Employers don’t want to hire people for the same position repeatedly.
    • Agencies earn more commission when a person stays in the same company for long


  • Companies can have a good relationship with recruiters once they find a certain number of employees



Now, let’s learn about the agencies:

1. Charge

The charge taken by agencies depends upon the type of job-timing. They are:

a) Temporary worker fees

Agency charges the candidate hourly/daily for its services.

b) Temp-to-perm fees

Fees for changing a temporary contract to a full-time contract

c) Permanent placement fees

Taking fees when a client gets a job.

2. Building connections

The agencies provide clients with counsellors from their field. They provide critical feedback for their respective field of interest. You as a candidate have to stand out from the rest. That way, you can build a good connection with mediators. The mediators talk with both recruiters and applicants.

They are one of the most important levers in this process. Agency does marketing, and advertising and selects the best jobs for your need. They should research and find out the experts in their fields. This reduces the hiring time and simplifies the selection process. A single agency may provide you with your dream job.

You can double or triple your chances by associating with more than one agency. Choosing the right plan for each agency is essential.

So in conclusion,
Recruitment agencies are essential in the modern-day world. The internet and advancement in technology have simplified and automated work. Agencies still need a lot of human resources and intelligence. Research and learn about agencies before indulging in recruitment agencies.

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