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Job Overview

Mental Health Nurse
Registered Nurse
Registered Nurse
20 – 40 Hours
£23 – £30 per hour
1 Year
Mental Health Nurse
Registered Nurse
Registered Nurse
20 – 40 Hours
£23 – £30 per hour
1 Year

Job Description

We are looking for a Registered Nurse to care for our patients and facilitate their speedy recovery. You will also be responsible for educating them and their families on prevention and healthy habits.


  • Monitor patient’s condition and assess their needs to provide the best possible care and advice
  • Observe and interpret patient’s symptoms and communicate them to physicians
  • Collaborate with physicians and nurses to devise individualized care plans for patients
  • Perform routine procedures (blood pressure measurements, administering injections etc.) and fill in patients’ charts
  • Adjust and administer patient’s medication and provide treatments according to physician’s orders
  • Inspect the facilities and act to maintain excellent hygiene and safety (decontaminating equipment, sanitizing surfaces, preparing beds etc.)
  • Provide instant medical care in emergencies
  • Assist surgeons during operations
  • Supervise and train LPNs and nursing assistants
  • Foster a supportive and compassionate environment to care for patients and their families

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must have valid UK NMC Pin
  • Proven experience as a registered nurse
  • Excellent knowledge of nursing care methods and procedures
  • Excellent knowledge of emergency care
  • In-depth knowledge of health and safety guidelines and procedures (sanitation, decontamination etc.) and willingness to follow them at all times
  • A team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Responsible and compassionate
  • Outstanding organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Patient with excellent problem-solving skills
  • BSc or other diploma from a nursing school or university

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