How to develop leadership skills

In most professions and educational settings, leadership abilities are highly valued. It is quite simple to understand why. A good leader is extremely hard to come by; someone who can accomplish a task well. In addition to that, he should also be inspiring and motivating those around them. Many people would rather follow when it is possible rather than assume leadership roles. It is because they just lack interest in doing so. Others aspire to be leaders but are unwilling to put in the effort necessary to practice and reflect on their own performance. This means that if you have a chance to develop leadership skills and a drive to advance your career, you will be an invaluable asset to a company.

How to develop leadership skills
How to develop leadership skills

There are many different ways to lead. You could desire to lead the debating society or the football squad at your school. Or perhaps politics or activism are your interests. Or perhaps you have your heart set on a managerial position when you start working, with the goal of rising to the position of CEO as quickly as possible. This article looks at how you can develop your leadership skills no matter what your goals may be.

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  1. Provide yourself with practice chances

You are not be very interested in extracurricular activities, but you want to hold leadership positions in the future. For this, there are the greatest method to show off your leadership skills and hone them in a setting that is low-risk.

In order to develop a leadership skills, you should start being practical. Leaders position in extracurricular activities is frequently quite simple because there aren’t many people who desire to take on leadership roles in the first place. Additionally, it is a setting that is fairly forgiving of mistakes. But it’s in these situations that you’ll learn how to cope with managing individuals who could hold divergent viewpoints and test your ability to persuade them to cooperate so that your team performs better than the sum of its individual parts.

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  1. Receive candid criticism

The challenge with playing a crucial role in school extracurricular activities is that if you’re doing a decent job, others can be reluctant to criticize you out of concern that they’ll discourage you. It’s terrible because receiving constructive criticism is essential to developing your leadership abilities. You might get 360-degree feedback at work, which entails comments from your manager, your peers, and anyone beneath you in the hierarchy.

Although it’s doubtful that your extracurricular activity will involve anything this complex, you can create your own version by asking a few individuals you respect for their input. If it doesn’t work, think about requesting anonymous comments using a tool like a Google form. Or, if a teacher is participating in the activity—for example, a PE instructor working with the school hockey team—you might ask them what they thought of your performance. Wherever you can, try to get feedback that can be put to use.

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  1. Improve your ability to follow.

Nobody always acts as the leader. You might be the captain of the school chess team. But you have a chorus role in theater club. That means, you may be a leader in one situation but a follower in another. And it is true throughout life; for example, boards of shareholders have authority over CEOs.

However, you can improve your leadership abilities even when you are a follower. Learn from those leaders first; what are they doing well or incorrectly? And what would you change? The opportunity to improve as a follower, though, is more significant than these things. Think about what a leader would want a follower to be doing based on your own leadership experience, and then really execute it.

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  1. Consider your team’s potential.

Developing your team to the fullest extent of their abilities is one of the most important responsibilities of a leader. Although it may seem obvious, this is a leadership trait that is easily overlooked in the day-to-day activities.

Any leader’s ultimate goal is to have a replacement in place who will make sure that all of their efforts don’t go to waste. That’s crucial in a school setting where you are aware that the role won’t be one you play for very long. So, if you think anyone on your team would be capable of stepping up and taking your place, encourage them to develop their leadership abilities and provide them chances to do so.

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  1. Establish definite, attainable goals

As a leader, it is your responsibility to promote everyone else’s growth while maintaining your own. Setting yourself measurable, attainable goals is one technique to gauge your personal improvement in addition to receiving and acting upon feedback. Finding a mechanism to assess your leadership effectiveness independently of the effectiveness of the team as a whole is also a smart idea.

What you want to accomplish will determine the type of metric you employ. Whatever metric you choose, make sure your goals are attainable, and ideally choose goals that will let you track your development over time. This is one of the most crucial leadership skills you should develop.

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  1. Don’t focus too much on personality assessments

It may be suggested to you that you employ personality assessments to improve your leadership skills. Many lack scientific rigor or are acceptable in one cultural context but not in another. They will therefore draw erroneous conclusions as a result. Even those that are based on sound science can lead you astray. For instance, it’s usually advisable to trust your own judgment and disregard the quiz. And, if someone tells you that you should use a certain leadership style because you’re an introvert even though another style has been serving you just fine.

When you discover something about yourself through them that you might not have realized on your own and can then put into practice, that is when they might be helpful. However, if their findings appear illogical, feel free to disregard them and keep doing what you find effective.

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  1. Give tiny jobs your best effort

Your leadership responsibilities will definitely include a number of small duties, such as organizing the AGM, small competitions, or flyering. Even if they might not have the same sense of greatness and importance as some of your other tasks, these nonetheless merit your undivided attention. It’s because little activities will highlight any leadership flaws that could develop into larger issues as the role’s demands increase.

Is there anyone who tries to avoid doing small tasks like cleaning up the room after practice whenever they can? It’s definitely advisable to avoid depending on them in any kind of leadership role during important competitions. Small jobs will highlight these team weaknesses. Therefore, pay attention and attempt to spot them before they become a major issue.

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  1. Improve your hearing

The ability to listen is probably the most crucial leadership skills you should develop. There will be problems that you’ll notice when you seek for comments or when little chores are finished. Others, however, you won’t be able to see coming, and they’ll depend on you keeping the lines of communication open with your staff.

To do it, improve your listening abilities. When you ask a team member why they seem down, be ready to listen carefully to their response and take appropriate action if necessary. The team will lead you to success if you pay attention to them; good leaders are always good listeners.

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