How to Work Two Full-Time Jobs Without Getting in Trouble

Working full time
Working full time


Coronavirus affected the job market pretty hard. When the pandemic started, people had to stay at home. So, many jobs couldn’t be done. Studies show about 114 million people losing their jobs due to COVID-19. Then, people realized the importance of having many jobs. Concepts like passive income came into play. Previously, having many jobs was more common among students. Now, it has become common for everyone.
Having additional jobs will increase your income. It will also diversify your fields of interest and expertise. Working two jobs might be a compulsion for some people. It can be a little complicated to handle two jobs. 
Working multiple jobs is made possible through remote work in most cases. You will need to manage your time and resources. It might feel illegal to have more jobs.
Here are some things to learn and consider:

1. Priority to health


You should give the most priority to your health. It can be hard to prevent burnout when doing two full-time jobs. Create and manage your schedule for eating and drinking. Separate one job timing from another. Schedule gaps when working. Have healthy food at the same times as possible. You can also cook meals to save money as a student. It is healthier too!

Put up small exercise items at home if you work online. Exercising when you are on a break will freshen up your mind. Get enough amount of sleep. Avoid working at night if possible. Give some time allocated for your mental health too. Plan leisure activities to make the most of them. Try cutting down on alcohol. Set up systems and routines for activities. Go on walks. Stay in touch with your family.

2. Separate job hours


It can be illegal if you’re involved with two different agencies in the same field. Read your contract/ agreement about working hours and approval. Try finding out jobs that complement each other. For example:
“Job 1: Remote Graphic Designer
Job 2: Data entry specialist”
You can treat your graphic designing job as the main one. And again, do data entry in the remaining time. Graphic designing needs more skill caps than doing data entry. This can depend on the organization or the company. If you work at one job in the morning /day, schedule another for the latter part of the day. This gives you a time gap. The mentality shift between each job should be slow and moderate.

3. Use a Hybrid approach


Try taking one job as remote and the other as on-site. You will have to commute one time for that. There is also a need for job-hours clarity between the two jobs. You can ask your employers about flexible work hours. Your job may have both onsite and remote options. You can get a more comfortable environment to work in if you are freelancing.
If you’re a student, this can be even better. You will have assignments and deadlines. Let’s take an example: You can work as a Resident Assistant as your on-site part-time job. And work as a content writer from your home/flat.
You should however fulfill both responsibilities from jobs. Forcing yourself to work overtime is bad for many things. Working two jobs remotely is not recommended. It is because there are connections between people online.
Use hybrid approach
Use hybrid approach

4. Know your policies and agreements


You will be required to sign an agreement when joining a job. Read the requirements clearly. Don’t do anything illegal. Having two jobs is known as “moonlighting”. Make sure that your company has a moonlight allowing policy. Don’t involve in a second job if you don’t. Know the taxable rates for each job.
The tax rates are different for different jobs. Have a “main” job in mind. Treat the other as a secondary job. You definitely want to avoid conflict of interest. Ask your supervisor to create a suitable schedule for you. Bad impressions from jobs can lead you to be not trustable in your field. Consult an attorney if you want to know laws and policies regarding job policies. The company may also provide you with further information. Then, you’ll become safe from being fired.


5. Create systems


You’ll have very little time on your hands if you work two jobs. The systems come into play. Create systems mentally and on applications. Plan your week. Evaluate and change your goals from time to time. Always strive for excellence in your work. Learn from people. You’ll gain more control over your time and become a better manager. Becoming disciplined on the job is the way to success. Plan the workload on each job clearly.
Create systems
Create systems

6. Have a clear goal


You likely have a specific reason behind your decision to work two full-time jobs. For example, having two full-time jobs might allow you to earn or save up money toward a financial goal. Or you may be working full-time on starting your own business, then taken on a full-time job while you determine whether your own business is viable.

Whatever your reasoning, keep it in mind as you manage each role. Working two full-time can take up significant time and energy, but having a specific goal to work toward can provide the incentive you need to work hard. Once you hit that goal, you can reassess whether you need to continue working both jobs.


At the end


Even if your company doesn’t allow moonlighting, there are loopholes. Find out about them and work on your next job. This prevents jobs from overlapping each other. At last, working two jobs provides you with more money and experience. Everyone at some point works two jobs at once.
Not doing two jobs illegally is the way to go. Handling two jobs can be stressful but is manageable. Most technical jobs can be done easier on multiple bases. Working in two different fields with different asks will teach you many things. Multiple learnings will eventually make your life better.

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