Why Delegation is important in Leadership?

Delegation refers to assigning an individual with authority to carry out activities. It is a skill that allows leaders to achieve better growth meanwhile boosting the morale of the team members. Like any other skill, it can be worked on and improved with time.

Leading a team comes with responsibilities thereby increasing your work. This leaves you with lesser time to work on things than your team members. Delegation helps you share this work among team members and allows you to better focus on more significant tasks.

Delegation is not by any means dropping your heap of work to another member so that your work becomes more manageable. It also does not reflect your limitation of working. It is merely choosing another member to help the team get more efficient thereby improving the entire team.

Being a good leader is recognizing the shortcomings of your team and working to improve it. Delegation is an essential skill that helps you achieve it.

Reasons why delegation is important in Leadership

1. Helps you achieve more

As a leader, you are bound to be swamped with work. This reduces your productivity as you don’t have enough time to give your best at everything. Choosing a capable delegate allows you to better anchor yourself to more substantial tasks. It lets you time to make strategic thinking which can be essential to the entire team.

With more free time, you can also coach your team members on important matters. There might not have been enough time to properly catch up with your team. Delegating will help you develop a deeper and more trustworthy relationship among the members by letting you communicate better with everyone.


Team flexibility
Team flexibility


2. Increases team’s flexibility and autonomy

Choosing delegate means teaching them the required outcomes and results while they figure out the ‘how’ part themselves. It does not involve sharing with them the ideas that might be worked on to reach the goal. This empowers the employee to step out of the monotonous, guided work and get involved in the decision-making process.

Delegates can learn to manage the team without your continuous attention which increases the autonomy of the team. It also makes the team more flexible when the team members themselves can work out the tasks assigned to them. Just be sure that you distribute the work evenly across the members of the team.


3. Increases Efficiency

A large workload can be finished in a short time if it is divided among multiple workers. You can make better use of time by delegating duties to every team member thereby increasing the efficiency of the team significantly. This will also impart a sense of responsibility and usefulness among the team members.

Moreover, a team can do better with a prioritization system where you differentiate between important and urgent tasks. The work can be seen using two paradigms, importance and time-sensitive. The delegated can work on the urgent task while you sort out the important ones.


Delegation of authority
Delegation of authority


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4. Supports skill development

Ordering your team members around to do a certain task is unlikely to help them grow. On the other hand, if you delegate work among the members, it compels them to think out of the box and improves their decision-making skills.

Similarly, the newer delegated leaders learn to accept the responsibilities without having the pressure to handle the outcomes all alone. When leaders choose the delegates, they are building a proper path ensuring expectation, feedback abilities and developing accountability in others. Additionally, the ones delegated have an opportunity to learn new processes and interact with people they normally would not have to. These new experiences help them develop better skills in teamwork, communication and project management.

Effective leaders carefully decide what to delegate and to whom, which allows the team to be more effective. This entire process of delegation in itself is vital to improving leadership among the delegates meanwhile teaching them about productivity, empowered employees and efficiency of the team.

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5. Employee Empowerment

Delegation pushes the employees to work harder into achieving the goals. This expands their capability to adapt and take on new work. Thus, they recognize their importance in the team which also develops a sense of commitment consequently making them more eager to learn.

The delegates have to step out of their day to day work and handle rather more responsible tasks. This helps to empower their work-life which brings positive changes in the workplace making it more productive and efficient.


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6 . Creates a Stable workplace

A single leader trying to handle everything within a team can be chaotic. It is quite impossible to be focused on every task at hand. It can create disorder and disorganization. Consequently, the chances of better outcomes become highly implausible.

Delegating people who know what to do, makes the workplace organized and productive. The whole team can work together while working on different things individually. Less the need for instructions, the more efficient is the task. This removes the constant need of issuing commands at little tasks and the leaders can focus well on the thing they are working on.

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The points above declare the importance of delegation in leadership. We must remember that good leadership is the collective improvement of the overall team to increase its efficiency, and growth of individual team members. Moreover, a good leader should have a keen sense of when to assign a task to a member.

Delegation covers all these features. Therefore, it is clear why being a good leader also means possessing a good sense of choosing delegates.

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