How to Write a Cover Letter

You decide to apply for a job. You recently completed writing a resume. Now, you see the cover letter as a requirement. You may be writing a cover letter for the first time. Or trying for your first internship. Some of you may have trouble knowing what a cover letter is or its purpose. You may have tried writing one searching samples on Google.

Well, this article should clear your doubts. We have included the elements of a good cover letter and components of a sample cover letter. The sample cover letter is divided into different sections for ease. Consider this article as a guide for showing your work to potential employers.


What is a cover letter?

It is a document that is usually sent with a resume/CV. It shows how you are fit for a job highlighting your skills and experience. A cover letter shows how you are fit for a firm. Don’t summarize the resume.

A good cover letter has:

1. Information about the job

Research about the firm you’re applying to. Go to their social media handles or websites and learn what they do. Review their organization and list down their services. Make sure to include their recent projects and association members. Refer to this report for more information:

Appzord Technologies

  • Provides full stack development services
  • Worked in ed-tech, healthcare, and A.I.
  • Recently created a health management app
  • 40 team members

This provides a rough idea of the company structure. And you can include some of these details in your letter.


2. Proper salutation

You should clearly mention the recruiter/hiring manager’s information. Write the address of the company. You can refer to LinkedIn for finding the hiring manager from the company. Include his/her name if it’s possible. This shows your effort and how you can put things in perspective. Use apps like Grammarly to check your grammar.
Don’t use a general greeting like “Dear Sir/Madam”. Use “Dear Mr/Ms. …. …. ”


3. Customization

This is where resumes and cover letters become similar. A cover letter needs to be unique to each organization you’re applying for. While you show your position in your resume, you explain your role in the cover letter. Throw in some numbers about how you did your last job.
It can be like “Created quality articles of 1k+ words for X company..”

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4. Value Addition

Cover letters should show recruiters how potential employees can fulfill the job. They take less care of your personal development in the company. You might be on the wrong track if you tell them how this job would benefit you. Analyze and hit the complications of the company and show how you can solve their problems.

We know the good qualities of a cover letter. Now, let us look at the elements of the letter.

1. A pleasing first paragraph

a) “I hit the change task button and couldn’t believe it. Tasks assigned.” I created a crowdfunding website…”

b) “My name is Han Solo. I am thrilled to apply for XZ company…”

The first one engages the audience to know more about the person. Whereas the second one is basic. You should show why this job is interesting for you.


2. Introduction and accomplishments showcase

The second paragraph shows your recent job. Give an overview of your roles and responsibilities. Notify me about the university. Additionally, you can mention your college projects too! Show results in numbers if possible.

“My name is Han Solo. I want to be an intern at the XZ Pvt. Ltd and I am a fifth-semester student at X College studying (your degree). Not just that, I also have some experience in handling websites through website….. also in content creation and …..”

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3. Information dump

Researched about the company as mentioned above? Now is the time to show your enthusiasm for learning. Tell the recruiter how their company has helped people. This will give a positive impression to the talent manager. You can also talk about their work environments and initial impressions.

“I enjoyed learning about your recent work developing a website which helped certain communities….”

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4. Gratitude and appreciation

Finally, conclude your show of interest in work. Thank the employer for giving time and considering your application. Make sure to keep this section as short as possible. (2-3 lines max)

“With my current skill set, I hope I can be a great addition ….. Please find my resume….”

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Compiling it, here’s a sample cover letter sent by email.

Do not replace your qualifications and skills only. Try to create using this as a reference!

This is it! Now, go create a neat cover letter. Check out this guide if you need help writing your resume.

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