Most Valuable Career Skills

Starting a career is not an easy job. After years of struggling and procuring at a university, you are eventually put to test in the real world. Landing yourself a job is an arduous task, especially these days when the competition is soaring.

But sometimes what you learned at school is not enough. At work, you are expected to do a lot more than individual tasks. Academic excellence alone is not enough and most of the time fails to get a job at all.

We have listed out some career skills that are certain to help you get a start in your career.


1. Basic Tech Skills

Tech skills are hot commodities as their applications are not limited to the tech industry.

a. Primary Programming Skills

While programming is not a necessity in many fields of work, it sure does help you stand out among the crowd. Simple programming skills are always a plus point and apart from that, it helps you to think in a new light.

b. UI/UX design

Today almost all the work is digitized and the trend only keeps increasing. It is natural that user experience in the matter highly affects the overall work. Companies are highly likely to hire people with knowledge of UX/UI design.

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c. Cloud Computing

Now that people are emphasizing more on ‘work from home’, cloud computing and its usage have increased significantly. Cloud computing helps breaks free of the barrier established by company walls and locations.

These tech skills help you highlight yourself from the crowd but as the tech sector itself is the fastest and offers one of the highest paying jobs, you might want to refine your skills and try to grab a job here.

2. Sales Leadership

Leadership is crucial in any job and the quality of being a leader helps you a great deal. These are the people most likely to get promoted in a workplace and have one of the best salaries too.

A good leader can manage his teammates well and gets the job done effectively and efficiently.

Sales leadership involves making strategic, relevant decisions that fit the vision of the organization and equally inspire the people working for it.

You should work on improvising yourself to be a good sales leader and see how well the company responds! The success of an organization depends on the successes of individual teams and departments.


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3. Persuasion

Persuasion is another important skill organizations seek in their employees. It involves influencing people into following a course of action or commitment. This helps to positively imprint the workplace to increase productivity. Therefore, organizations value people with better persuasion skills.

Persuasion is usually a natural trait but it can be improved with the right training. Companies themselves sometimes offer programs like sales and advertisement where you can participate to enhance your abilities of persuasion.

4. People Management

People Management refers to keeping the team on track while understanding their needs and helping them achieve their goals. This helps build a fine relationship between the team members and helps to keep them motivated.

Managing people needs strong determination and with ability to make quick decisions. The one managing the team should be able to deal with work stress all the while maintaining clear communications with the team members.

If you have not been in a management position before, we suggest you focus on developing the above-mentioned skills. Once you have a proper grasp of it, people are bound to see that you can manage a team well.


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5. Adaptability

Adapting to a new environment can be tedious but that does not diminish its significance. Organizations always want their workforce to be flexible and welcome changes. A stagnant workforce is an unproductive workforce.

Technology is always advancing and so should the workforce with it. Only then can you make the most out of the tools you are using. Adaptability is more important to a team manager as the problems that arise are likely to be unique. Consequently, the person in charge has to use their judgments to make a quick and suitable decision.

You already know how to adapt well if you learn the environment rather quickly. You can however improvise your skills further by imagining and practicing your decisiveness in different circumstances.

6. Collaboration

As mentioned earlier, working requires a collaboration of sorts at some point. Collaboration refers to working together with others to produce or create something or achieve the same goals. It is one of the most needed skills in the professional world. Collaborating gives a sense of unity and quite literally allows us to achieve the feats unmatched by individuals.



Collaboration is not as easy as it sounds. There must be a sense of unity among the team members. Everyone should inspire and help each other to be more productive and efficient. A team’s success dangles on their will to work together. With this information in mind, organizations favour people who can work well in groups and are eager to share their achievements as a team.

You should develop this skill early on as the benefits are not strictly limited to work-life alone. Try to participate in group work, and competitions requiring teamwork to help you refine your skill to collaborate.


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7. Time Management

It is astounding to see what people are capable of achieving in mere twenty-four hours. It is however an equally daunting task if not managed well. Our lives are scheduled and crammed to fit in as many things as possible. Things start to become difficult though as you start a job where work never seems to end.

Managing time is a crucial and must-have skill. You are very unlikely to procure things if you are not efficient with time. The entire tech industry has a foundation in being efficient with time. You should be able to handle tasks according to their priority and demand. Meanwhile, you should develop a keen sense of switching between tasks so that time wasted is minimum.

Time management helps us become more productive to finish our projects by the deadline. Work to improve your time management skills and you will achieve a lot in life!


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Closing Thoughts

There are qualities to people that make them stand out from others. There are skills that everyone looks for and can help us become the choice everyone favours.  Our careers are one of the most important aspects of our lives. To develop a successful career you need to get a place to start and professional work life gives satisfies just that.

Majority of the fields are really competitive, so you should hone your skills. You should develop skills that are of high value and useful, especially while you are working. If you develop the career skills mentioned above, your chances of starting a good career go up dramatically.

Work on yourself and improvise to become better than yesterday.

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