Preparing for a Job Interview? Read these tips

Job Interview
Job Interview

An interview is the most critical part of a job selection process. It is spontaneous and the results are equally unpredictable. You should prepare your best regardless of the outcome. Job interview help the hiring committee know a lot about the applicants. This is why organizations consider interviews the best way to filter suitable candidates. Because of this, job interviews are among the most difficult tests to pass. A simple google search cannot prepare you for an important interview. It requires intricate knowledge about the real world and information on how things get done.

If you are preparing for a job interview but do not know if you are doing well with your preparations, we suggest you take a look at these tips which are bound to become useful during an interview.

1. Research the Industry and Company before Job Interview

Among the many questions you are asked, most can be answered if you have proper knowledge about the company itself or the related industry. You might also need to clarify how well aware you are of the industry and why you chose to enter the field at all. You can deal with these kinds of questions with proper knowledge about the industry. Do thorough research on the company so that you avoid embarrassing yourself in front of everyone. Knowing about the industry also shows how serious and determined you are to get this job. Have a clear idea about the type of work done in the company and its bigger role in the economic world.

Practice before job interview
Practice before job interview


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2. Clarify your selling points

Your selling points are your biggest assets during an interview. There is always a question in the employer’s mind questioning your values and skills. “Why should we choose you?” is an all-time famous question which is often answered poorly by the applicants. Make sure to highlight your selling points. It might be  “good leadership skills”, “excellent time management skills” or simply “excelling at negotiations or collaborations”. These are all highly valuable transferrable skills that can put you at an added advantage. Meanwhile, do not forget to add examples of practical usage of these skills and how they helped solve a particular situation.


3. Practice and Practice before the Job Interview

Practice saying your answers out loud. Mentally preparing for your answers and actually saying them out loud are two different things. You should practice saying your answers until they sound natural and convincing. Meanwhile, you can ask other people to help you create an interview-like environment where they ask you questions and you answer them in the best way possible. Continue it until you feel ready for the real thing.


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4. Prepare for likely Questions Beforehand


Job Interview preparation
Job Interview preparation


An interview is all about understanding the question and answering it correctly. During the job interview the correctness of your answer is determined by the interviewer so keep in mind the necessity of changing your answers accordingly. Make a list of questions that people mostly ask in an interview and prepare all the likely answers for them. This helps you prepare for most of the possible scenarios during an interview. Moreover, your chances of tackling newer questions also increase significantly.


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5. Prepare Questions of your own

The last question of any interviewer is “Any Question?”. Most of the applicants do not have any which makes them seem uninterested. Prepare some questions of your own beforehand and even though it seems difficult, do not hesitate to question them. Your questions set you apart from the rest of the group and you attract attention which is the primary reason for the whole ordeal. Some of the questions that work everywhere are  “What kind of person would you most like to see fill this position?”, “If you could design the ideal candidate for this position from the ground up, what would he or she be like?”. This workout should be done before the job interview.


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6. Be Positive during Job interview

While thinking positive sure does help a great deal while preparing for everything, being positive towards others can also work wonders. Do not hint at complaints in your answers and try to sound as positive as you can. Your answers should make you sound like an opportunity seeker, not like someone who finds faults in things. When asked to point your dissatisfaction at things, tell them about the learning opportunities you gained from them instead. It is also important to end things on a positive note. Tell the interviewer you look forward to hearing from them and try to sound as optimistic as you can!


Positivity during the interview
Positivity during the interview


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7. Body Language in Job interview

Your body language forms a greater part of your personality. Dress appropriately and do not over-accessories your look. Make good eye contact when speaking or being spoken to. Your body language should radiate confidence and determination during the job interview. If you have a problem talking to people in general, learn to fake it well before going to that interview! You should not in any way appear passive or shy because you are expected to shine and light up the environment around you.

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8. Nail that Introductory Question

“Tell me about yourself” is a traditional opening question that employers still use today. Do not make it too personal and boring. First impressions are very important and your first five minutes mostly determine how the interviewers are going to judge you. Therefore, prepare well for this question. During the job interview try to include all the good aspects of your habit that assist your professional life. Make this answer as professional as you can. List out the places you have worked, experiences you have gained, and achievements in your work. This is the golden opportunity to sell all your quality points. Do not miss it!


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